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Chinon CX

Chinon CX The Cinon CX is a typical SLR camera from the mid 1970s. Compare it with cameras such as the Nikon series from that era and the Canon FD series and you'll know what I mean. However, this camera is, not a typical low-quality copy but a nicely built, sturdy good quality camera. It feels good in my hands, the 55mm / 1.4 lens is plenty sharp and it just feels right.

Chinon made a all black version and a metal-black version of the camera, I own(ed) the black version which looks somehow more 1980s than 1970s.

My Chinon came with a whole set of other items such as a fine Exakta 135 mm / 2.8 lens and a sturdy back. The camera and all other items were well cared for but unfortunately I owned too many cameras and this one had to go. A shame really.

Manufacturor  :  Chinon
Model  :  Chinon CX
Type  :  single reflex, slr
Produced  :  1974
K.D. Müller Reference  : 
Film  :  35 mm, type 135
Picture size  :  24 x 36 mm
Made in  :  Japan
Quantity Made  : 
Original List Price  : 
Material  :  Brass with some heavy duty plastic covering
Lens  :  Any M42 lens
My camera came with the Chinon 55mm / 1.4 which is a pretty fine lens.
Filter size  :  depending on lens
Focusing  :  manual
Focus range  :  depending on lens
Viewfinder  :  Large finder opening with match-the-needle exposure meter blended in.
Shutter  :  1 - 1/1000 sec + Bulb
Aperture  :  depending on lens
Self timer  :  yes
Exposure  :  Manual using the match-the-needle system. The exposure meter uses the battery but is switched on only when depressing the release button half way, thus saving power.
Exposure meter  :  TTL with needle visible in finder.
Battery  :  PX625, power consumption is minimal
Flash  :  none built in but hot shoe on top. Synced at 1/60 second.
Flash Contact  :  Hot shoe on top and 2 PC Sync contacts, one for X (electronic flash) and one for M (fash bulbs)
Film Advance  :  manual, single stroke lever on top
Other  :  The depth of field preview buton is located next to the lens. Simply press it lightly and the lens will stop down. Press it more and the aperture remains closed.
Dimensions  :  150 x 50 x 95 mm (without lens) (l x w x h)
Weight  :  ~ 800 grams
Body serial number  :  340613
Collection status  :  to be sold
Chinon CX

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links Chinon CX Instruction manual at Butkus.

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