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Yashica Samurai X4.0

Yashica Samurai X4.0 Yashica had a fine reputation or building nice little half-frame cameras. Whereas the 1960s versions still very modern "chrome", the 1980s Samurai series were made of plastik and had that typical 1980s look: black, large red or white features and therefore also very mdern.

The Samurai X4.0 was the follow up of the highly successful Samurai 3.0 and was made in the same Video-Camera design. The 1960s versions moved the film from left to right, thus having portrait orientation. The Samurai series moved the film from top to bottom which had the more usual landscape format the people are used to.

The Samurai series consist of fully automatic SLRs. The X4.0 has a non-interchangable 25 - 100mm lens which is more than sufficient under most circumstances and makes for an ideal travel camera. The apeture is not bad either and using a "36 exposure" film gives you 72 exposures so no need to carry a lot of film with you and be honest, who really had a lo of large posters made from his travel pictures? So for the average user, half-frame negatives using modern films is a perfect way to save on film cost.

Manufacturor  :  Yashica
Model  :  Yashica Samurai X4.0
Type  :  35mm half frame SLR camera
Produced  :  1988 (?)
K.D. Müller Reference  : 
Film  :  35mm, 135 Film for 72 photos (Half Frame Format)
Picture size  :  18 x 24 mm
Made in  :  Japan
Quantity Made  : 
Original List Price  : 
Material  :  Heavy duty plastik on the outside
Lens  :  Automatic focusing Yashica Zoom Lens f=25mm - 100mm 1:3.8 - 4.8 Kyocera
14 elements in 12 groups.
Filter size  :  52mm.
Focusing  :  Auto focus
Focus range  :  80 centimeters - infinity
Viewfinder  :  SLR with a bright finder with adjustable diopter.
Shutter  :  3 - 1/300 sec
Aperture  :  f 3.8 - 4.8 (at the long end)
Self timer  :  available
Exposure  :  Fully automatic TTL exposure.
In automatic serial exposure mode, up to 5 consecutive exposures are possible.
Some programms such as for back-light are built in making auto exposure accurate most of the time.
Exposure meter  :  internal
Battery  :  2CR5
Flash  :  Built in or through an external flash unit through the hot shoe.
Flash Contact  :  Hot shoe on top of the camera.
Film Advance  :  Automatic winding motor. Mid-roll rewind available.
Other  :  Date back included, imprints the date up to the year 2020.
Dimensions  :  150 x 70 x 125 mm (l x w x h)
Weight  :  ~ 700 gramms
Body serial number  :  023375
Collection status  :  sold
Yashica Samurai X4.0

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