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Created 1 November 2005 ... Updated 2 November 2005

Cambo SC2
My first large format camera for sheet film holders was the Busch Pressman. This press camera, although big, ugly and heavily used works like a dream but I've always been fascinated by the looks of a modern mono rail camera. When the opportunity to buiy one came along, it was time to take it. So now I'm the proud owner of a nearly new Cambo SC2 monorail. The camera belonged to a professional photographer but works like a dream and looks new. A sure sign of a strong piece of equipment.

The Cambo is a classic monorail camera, hence the name "Classic Series" that Cambo gave it. The camera has full movements, horizontal front- and back shift, horizontal and vertical up- and down tilt plus swing on the front and back standards. All these movements have a zero positioning reference and move smoothly. The camera is part of a complete system meaning that everything can be replaced by other parts, there are longer and shorter monorail pieces, different lensboards, bellows, backs and ground glass and of course plenty of accessories. Although a complete system, the more expensive Cambo cameras have better focussing and movement referencing aides which allow for working faster but when you're not in a great hurry, the SC system is plenty camera and great value for money. Especially second hand those can't be beaten.

Common knowledge tells us that a monorail camera is not to be used in the field. Well, since this camera weighs only 4 kilos it's light enough to be taken into the field. The camera folds together so that you'll get a small package. Not too small but small enough to be taken around. Don't expect to go on a days's hiking trip with one of these though. The camera is just one thing but a heavy tripod is a must and of course you'll want to take some film holders with you as well.   :o)

Type  :  Large Format mono rail
Manufactured  :  1990s - today
Taking lens  :  Changable. The lens is mounted on a Cambo lens board.
Shutter  :  depending on the lens. None in the camera itself.
Film Type  :  Sheetfilm 4 x 5, 9 x 12 and smaller formats.
Dimensions of the basic system  :  Monorail length : 54 cm
Belows extension : 46 - 480 mm
Maximum Rise and Fall : 120 mm
Maximum Lateral Shift : 50 mm
Swing : + 30° till - 30°
Tilt : + 30° till - 30°
Focussing : friction focus with a large knob
Back : 360° revolving back, standard international back (Graflock)
Weight : 4 kg
Features  :  Two-way spirit levels on each standard
Tripod mount (for 3/8" screw)

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