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Created 6 June 2001 ... Updated 29 May 2009

M42 Lenses
M42 lenses - Pentacon Auto 28/2.8 After the change to auto focus cameras, many manual focus lenses came on the used market, so many that the prices are quite decent and now, with the next system change to digital, these lenses can nearly be had for free, especially the standard non-zoom lenses.

My small M42 Lens collection consists of the standard lengths, the 28mm for wide angle, the 50mm for all round use, the 135mm for portraits and the zoom lens because it's, well, because it's a real Vivitar Series I lens, when it still meant something, arguable one of the best lenses of that era.
  • Pentacon 28 / 2.8
  • Carl Zeiss Jena 50 / 2.8
  • Carl Zeiss Jena 135 / 3.5
  • Soligor 200 / 6.3
  • Vivitar Series 1 - 35 - 85 / 2.8 zoom - a cult lens
      Price new of this Vivitar lens in 1981 was DM 920, about u$ 500 !

M42 Lenses

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