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Created 23 September 2005 ... Updated 11 March 2006

Busch Pressman Model D
Busch Pressman model D After a long time of thinking about buying into Large Format, I finally found the camera I wanted to have, an old press camera. Graflex seems to be more expensive and with less movements so I bought an this old, ugly, beaten up and modified Busch Pressman. Well, more movements and the modification was to allow for movements of the back which can actually be very usefull at time. Being a press camera, you would think it's easy to operate hand held, well, it is possible but it's not easy. The thing is very heavy so it should really be used on a tripod for best results.

Type  :  4x5" (Large Format) Press Camera
Manufactured  :  1950s
Taking lens  :  any large format lens mounted in a shutter on a Busch Pressman panel.
Back  :  standard back for use with standard large format sheet film holders.
Cable release  :  directly in shutter
Film Type  :  large format sheet film
Negative Size  :  4x5" or smaller such as 6x9cm.
Material  :  metal covered with leatherette
Modifications  :  my camera was modified to allow for back tilts.
Busch Pressman model D

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