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Contessa-Nettel Volupa

Created 9 February 2002 ... Updated 8 November 2005

Contessa-Nettel Volupa

Old cameras can often be found at some of the Vienna markets. This time I found a large folding camera, a Contessa-Nettel. The set was complete, with bag, 3 original backs, film pack back, 1 glass plate, manual (which consists of only one sheet), exposure card and a data sheet for Rodinal developer.

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* HELP *

After having spent hours on the internet, trying to find some info, I've only come up with... pretty much nothing. Scott from (see links page), has checked all his literature on this camera as well and hasn't found anything either.

My question: does anyone have information about this camera? Some details can be found below. Not sure if the strap is original as the one reference I've found is about an entirely wooden camera with that name.

So when you have more information, or know a source where I could possibily get some, contact me:
Some history on the manufacturer

Nettel merged with Contessa to form Contessa-Nettel in 1919. Contessa-Nettel was one of several German camera manufacturers that merged with Ernemann, Ica, Goerz to form what is now Zeiss-Ikon in 1926.

Contessa-Nettel Volupa

Type  :  Dry-plate folding camera
Manufactured by  :  Contessa-Nettel, Stuttgart
Manufactured  :  probably 1920 - 1921
Lens  :  Tessar 1:6,3 f=16,5 cm Carl Zeiss Jena, serial# 38xxxx
Shutter  :  Compur, 1 - 1/200, Bulb
Aperture  :  6,3 - 50
Cable release  :  Standard
Media Type  :  10 x 15 cm Glass Plates
Negative Size  :  10 x 15 cm
Material  :  metal with black paper covering. leather bellows.

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The manual and exposure card have been scanned and resized to be printed.
Manual Contessa-Nettel Manual Contessa-Nettel Belichtungstafel
camera manual
front side
German, 208 Kb
camera manual
back side
German, 264 Kb
Exposure card
German, 457 Kb

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