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Mischa Koning

I was born on 30 august 1970. At 21 I received my bachelor degree as a graduate of the Hogeschool Alkmaar in The Netherlands. After having served in the Dutch army for the NATO forces based in Germany I was employed by BT (Worldwide) Ltd, the global part of British Telecom. During my time in BT Worldwide I spent quite some private time programming useful tools to help me in the job.
After three years I decided to quit my job in order to travel and work in Australia for one year but when I returned to the Netherlands, the weather was so I bought myself a brand new bicycle and took off on my next trip, a cycling tour around Europe. Three years later this bike was used to cycle from The Netherlands to Vienna, Austria, a 16 day tour. Refer to the my life section... for more details on these trips
After coming back to the Netherlands I decided to try a 'normal' life for one year and settled down in Amsterdam. Got myself a job in BT but even though I really liked my new life, the need to explore new countries was abundant in my system so I moved to Vienna working for the Austrian distributor of BT products, Datakom Informationsservice. Two years later it was time for a change again and I got myself a new job in Vienna, working on a large project for Concert, BT and AT&T's global venture. When this project was completed and the company was reintegrated in BT, I was asked to help set up a new company in Event and Sports Marketing, did some webdesign projects, some profesional photography but decided to get a more secure job again early 2004. This time with Telekom Austria in their International WholeSale department. My work experience and knowledge can be found in my resume.
My needs in life, besides an interesting and fullfilling job, are meeting interesting people, having a good time, spending time outdoors cycling or hiking and possibly combining these with photography. Furthermore I'm an avid collector of beautiful items such as antique furniture, books and classic cameras.
The idea behind this Internet account was basically to keep up to date with my friends via eMail during my travels. As an experiment I've tried to keep a record of my Australian trip on this website and it has worked pretty well. Many people have found it and followed my on-goings. After this initial success I decided to do continue and wrote about my 3 month cycling trip around Europe. I currently try to keep it updated with my on-goings in Vienna. No, it's not a typical me too blog, mine started way earlier... :o) The question "why" is being answered as well.
And finally, to be entirely original,
"I wish to share my list of favourite movies with all you people of the internet".   :o)

    Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the
    things you didn't do than by the ones you did.

    So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor.
    Catch the trade winds in your sails.

          Mark Twain

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